My Mentor 

Dr. Christine Koehler
Clinical Director, Child Therapist, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S 


I am truly thankful for Dr. Koehler patience and diligence when working with me. I have received insightful feedback and learned a lot through her knowledge and experiences. It is a honor to be able to work with her, 

Dr. Christine Koehler initially received advanced training in clinical psychology before completing her doctorate in counseling. The diversity of this path provided her with a unique view of mental health from both medical and wellness perspectives. During her doctoral training at UNT, she was introduced to play therapy where she learned to view the world through the eyes of children and in the context of the parent-child relationship. 

While working as a children’s therapist at a local non-profit, Dr. Koehler encountered more and more children struggling with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. 

She sought additional training from multidisciplinary professionals and authors through and was provided with solid explanations that satisfied her questions regarding children’s diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

​She treats a wide range of children’s mental health difficulties and works with parents to develop an integrated, prioritized treatment plan designed to maximize progress.

She consults with other holistic and integrative professionals and authors across the U.S. to inform her work with children and stay on the cutting edge of scientific discoveries relevant to children’s wellness. She is licensed in the state of Texas as an LPC-S and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor. In addition to her passion for working with children and parents, Dr. Koehler teaches at the Canine-Human Relationship Institute in Blue Ridge, Texas.

Dr. Koehler and her husband are involved in the children’s ministry through their church and have shepherded in the pre-k Sunday school ministry for eleven years. She is working to use all of these learning experiences to produce a program to help parents and children build a future with physical and emotional safety in relationships as a community priority.